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Vintage Gaming Controller

Yok Hon

Hey there, I'm Yok, and I'm a life coach with a mission to help you overcome the fears that are holding you back from realizing your true self. Take it from someone who once believed the world was an unsafe place to be myself, turning nihilistic at the age of 12 (not even understanding what it meant at the time). It was only through my studies in mental health, self-care, and life coaching that I realized changing my relationship with fear and harnessing it could lead to a confident, fulfilling, and successful life.

I've been playing video games since I was four, and later, I frequently watched YouTube and browsed social media for the majority of my days, extending into adulthood. For some, gaming is a hobby, while for others, it's an escape. For me, it was a way to navigate life's complexities and unwind. However, it was also where I detached myself from society and my family, slowly eroding my confidence and self-belief. I began to doubt whether I'd ever find true purpose, eventually succumbing to fears of hopelessness and low self-worth. We all have our outlets or hobbies, but they can become problematic when they turn into coping mechanisms that distract us from our vision.

My coaching philosophy places a strong emphasis on curiosity and a sense of play. We're all doing the best we can with the resources we've been given, so I coach from a place of compassion, always assuming that unlocking happiness and purpose is hindered by our fears. I firmly believe that every person deserves both inner and outer success; we often just need a support to help with the quest.

Please know that you're not alone. Break free from your limitations and understand that I'm here to support you in this seemingly single-player game of life.

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